Amazing Hacks – How to Book A Car/Cab for Travelling

Booking a taxi or cab for travelling for a long distance can prove to be quite a demanding task! Firstly, you have to call up a number of car service providers, half of whom will put you on hold and half of the numbers won’t work. If you finally do manage to book a car on the day of the journey, you just might see that another car turns up- not even close to the one that you had booked and had been promised. To top it off, they will charge you a hell lot extra for commissions and god knows what!

car rental jaipurTired of going through this never ending process of car booking trouble? Well, here are a few tips that you can try out and book a car, hassle free:

  1. Okay, so you need first to plan out your day of travel beforehand. Do not leave anything for the last minute, especially something as important as car booking. Make sure that you get your booking done at least 1 or 2 days advance. Follow up with the service providers in the morning or the evening before, if you will be going setting out early in the morning.
  1. When you approach car service providers, make sure that you go to registered ones. This way at least you can trace any problems back to them.
  1. Go for Car Rental Services Jaipur , which have a reputation in the market for providing good service. Ask around a few friends, do some research on your own and then approach a car service provider. How hassle free the services are, actually depend a lot on which service provider you are approaching.
  1. After the car arrives, check it thoroughly to see whether there are any suspicious items stacked away somewhere or not. No, it doesn’t mean that you are mistrusting the service providers; it just means that you are being extra cautious about your own and your family’s safety. Also, ask to see the driver’s license before you set out for the journey. Click a picture of the license on your phone and keep it all along the journey with you.
  1. Check the number plate and note down the number. Inform a relative or a friend about the vehicle’s number and let them know what your travel plans are. Keep them informed so that if anything goes wrong they would know how to track you. At least keep two people in the loop about your travel plans.
  1. Download one or two car rental services apps on your phone so that you always have them in hand. Most them require you to register with your email id, do that beforehand so that when you need a car, you can skip the formalities and go straight to the booking part. Please make sure that you have a good quality internet service or else it might take a really long time!

So, keep these few tips in mind and you will see that the next time you try to book a car, it’s easy and hassle free!

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