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Situated on the banks of Berach and Gambheri, the city is a beautiful place that highlights the culture of the Rajputs. If you want to learn more about the history and rich heritage of the Rajput or Dynasty of Mewar, you need to visit this city. The Chittorgarh Fort is one of the largest ones in India and has visitors all the time. If you have always wanted to visit Chittorgarh, read on to find out some places to see: –


Chittorgarh Fort – This Fort represents heroism, sacrifice, valour and devotion! There have been several important battles won in the Fort,and you cannot miss this beauty. Chittorgarh Fort has 7 gates, and one has to pass through all to get inside. You will come across many water pools too as the Fort is quite large. It is said that there are around 84 pools and the total amount of water is about 4 billion liters. This huge fort is the central attraction in the city, and you cannot miss it. This fort is also a World Heritage Site!

Rana Kumbha Palace – Rana Kumbha, also known as the Kumbha of Mewar,had constructed this palace and he also resided in it. He was the one who restored the price of the state Mewar after destruction. This palace is situated in the same region as the Fort, and this is where Rani Padmini performed Jauhar with wives of the warriors.

Padmini Palace – Another gorgeous palace in the middle of the fort is the Rani Padmini Palace. It is named after the Queen of Chittorgarh. She was known for her beauty and intelligence throughout India. You will be astonished to see the stunning Rajput artwork and paintings in the palace. This is one place that you cannot miss as it has history attached to it. The palace represents Rani Padmini’s eternal beauty, bravery, and power.

Meera Temple – This temple is a proof of how devoted Meera was for Lord Krishna. The temple was built by Rana Kumbha, and it is filled with idols of Lord Vishnu with several other Gods and Goddesses. There is another temple in the Meera Temple, which is made for Lord Krishna. It was designed for her as she would spend hours expressing her love and devotion towards him through bhajans. You will find devotees sitting here and singing songs for Lord Krishna all the time.

KirtiStambh – This tower was made in the 12th century, and it is a significant part of the fort. The 22-meter-tall tower is the glory of Jainism. A Jain devotee constructed this incredible tower, during the rule of Rawal Kumar Singh.

Chittorgarh is packed with stories of bravery, brilliant history, and captivating architecture. You can also find several unique weekend getaways nearby like, Deogarh, Bijaipur, Bhilwara, Nagri, Udaipur and many other cities. If you are interested in exploring India’s rich culture, you should start your journey from Rajasthan. Every small city or town has a story attached to it.

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