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We often get stuck in a fix if we wish to travel to one place to another, especially if we want to travel in a car. The problem increases if we are not travelling from our home city, but from some city that we are visiting to another. Say, for example, you are on a tour to New Delhi, and you wish to travel to Agra to witness the beauty of the Taj Mahal with your own eyes. So how do you arrange for a car to travel?

Travelling long distances with rental cars

In such a scenario, the perfect option is get hold of rental car services. You can hire these cars to travel from one city to another. The plus point of hiring a car for your travel is that you can actually enjoy the scenery en route and thus get familiarized with the topography of the place in general. You can also make stops wherever you want, as long it does not mess with your travel time too much. Rental Car travel thus makes it really easy to cover great distances and is a perfect option for tourists.

car rental services

Things to remember when booking a rental car

If you want to ensure that you a good and satisfying experience of travel with your Car Rental Services in India, there are a few things that you will need to follow yourself.

First, you have to make sure that you contact a rental agency that is reputed as well as duly registered. Do not go with ones that seem shady just because they are charging less.

You need to properly mention the time and date of travel. You also need to specify the pickup location. These are some of the basic details that you should never miss out on.

Get the number of the car that you will be travelling in and also the contact number of the driver and pass along the details to a family member, just for safety reasons.

Always stick to the travel time, especially if chances are there that you will have to travel after sunset. Remember that it is always best to complete a trip by sunset or maximum evening, especially if you will be taking highways and interior routes. So, get hold of the route plan from beforehand from the car rental services.

Why is Zugo the perfect option for you?

Zugo is not just a Car Rental Service, but also it is a service that comes with a guarantee of complete satisfaction. This North India based 24×7 rental car service online platform provides you with all the comfort that you need when travelling. You can choose your car type thanks to Zugo. If you wish, you can also check out the interior of the car via pictures, prior to the booking. They will provide you with a route map, approximate travel time, details of the car and the driver, the moment you confirm your booking. Currently, they are operational in Delhi, Agra, Jodhpur, Udaipur Bikaner, Jaiselmer, Kota, Chittorgarh, Sri Ganganagar, Barmer, Jhunjhunu, Bundi and Sikar, covering all the major tourist places of the northern part of the country. They have also recently started one way cab services for select cities to make travelling easier, just for you!

Zugo is a service that never fails. They stick to their time and promise to provide you with a completely satisfying experience. So, if you wish to travel from any one of the above cities to another, you can always trust Zugo!

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